RemindHer is a mobile app that aims to assist husbands in planning and prioritizing date nights with their wives. Our app comes with a range of useful features, such as an Accountability Reminder Alert! (ARA!), recommendations for dating activities, assistance with booking restaurants and childcare services, as well as community engagement opportunities. Our goal is to support men in strengthening their relationships with their wives by providing them with the necessary tools to create lasting memories and deeper connections.

Our co-founders, May Yen Cheah and Eric L Martin, have a strong passion for helping married couples strengthen their relationships by providing them with tools to make spending one-on-one time easier. RemindHer will be available on both IOS and Android platforms. We also seek investment partnership, offer in-app advertisements, and sponsorships.

Our app caters to married men with busy lifestyles who are seeking ways to strengthen their relationship with their partner, regardless of their age or whether they have children. We believe that RemindHer will be a valuable resource for married couples looking to prioritize their relationship, and we are excited to offer a solution to this common problem.

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